Terms and Conditions

Due to Covid-19 precautions, ticket sales will be capped at 250. Tickets will be numbered, and if numbers of attendees are restricted, we will be contacting (and refunding) purchasers above the specific cut-off number. We’re optimistic everything will work out for everyone to attend, but this is the fairest way of arranging sales.

VIRTUAL TICKETS: we’re doing our part for the environment, and have gone paperless for tickets! The name of the purchaser will be at the door when you arrive at the festival. You don’t need to print anything, just give your name at the gate and you’re all set!

​Protecting performers and audience: 

UCFF COVID-19 COMPLIANCE POLICY is currently aligned with Level 3 measures. Should that change we will modify to comply with any change in restrictions, up to and including requirement of proof of vaccination.

Ticket Holders

  • Will wear a mask when in line to enter venue and remain masked until seated
  • Will wear a mask any time they leave their seats for any reason
  • Maintain a 6’ separation from any attendee other those with whom they have purchased a paired ticket (pairing or grouping TBD)
  • Keep their chairs in the assigned locations
  • Not circulate through the venue unnecessarily or to socialize


  • Will wear a mask at all times other than while on stage performing
  • Will wear a mask until they are actually at their microphone and ready to perform
  • Maintain a 6’ separation from any other attendee
  • Will be supplied a fresh, sanitized microphone for their performance, or may provide their own microphone.


  • Will wear a mask at all times unless they are taking a break and are alone and well away from the venue


  • Will wear a mask at all times


  • Public washrooms with sinks are available at the marina​